Go Firepack is the perfect excuse to spend time with your friends and loved ones. 

Whether it’s a controlled fire in the back garden toasting marshmallow, or a reason to spend the night camping under the stars, our Firepack includes not only the materials you need, but the knowledge to make it happen.

Former Royal Marines Commando Steve Howard, who fought in combat around the globe, passes on his Commando survival skills, through an interactive video and an instruction manual. 

“In an age of digital scrolling, and endless hours of screen time, Go Firepack employs you, to take time out and go back to basics!”

You can follow its instructions as a group, and set any scenario you like.


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Flint & steel
Cotton wool x 4
Eco wood shaving lighters x 4
Dry wood pieces
Scan code for instructional video
Instruction manual and safety instructions
Reusable pouch 

Yes, simply top up your supplies to use your flint & steel/pouch, over and over .

All fire building should be done under strict adult  supervision. At Go Outside we teach children bushcraft skills from 2 years plus.

It’s back to basics. No distractions from everyday life. It’s just you, family and friends enjoying each others company in the great outdoors.


"Go firepack is so versatile, which offers not only fun, but educational value."