Min Age


Max Group Size



2 Hours


£15 per person


CAN YOU COMPLETE THE GO TRAIL CHALLENGE?? 1 mile of undulating ground, 9 missions, inc mental, physical, observation, agility and intelligence challenges!!!

Go Trail is an interactive trail through a forest with the people you enjoy the most. It’s a back to basic, two hour survival trail designed by Royal Marine Commandos.

You will download your interactive video and report for duty. On arrival you will collect your mission pack and follow your map to your first checkpoint. Your mission tasks will include:-

What's Included?

This is all about bonding in your group and working together as a tight unit to complete your mission.

Groups will arrive at 15 min intervals as per their online booking. There will be no interaction in the forest with other groups.

You will arrive and be greeted by your CO. You will receive your mission pack and instructions and head into the wilderness towards your first rendezvous point. There are 9 rendezvous points in total, and at each one lies a mission that will aid you in your survival as a soldier. You will need to work together as a team to complete your mission and to pass out of the other side as a fully fledged Go Outside Commando.

Your time around the trail will last approximately 2 hours, All missions are a timed challenge.




DO bring spare clothes

DO download your interactive video via the link below

DO wear appropriate footwear for a 1 mile trek through a forest

DO arrive with ample time before your booking

DO dress sensibly according to the weather

DO be aware that the ground is undulating and pushchairs would need carrying at times.

DO make sure your phone is fully charged…….You will need this to watch your interactive video

DO bring along hand sanitiser

DO be aware that if you choose to do the water obstacles you will get wet, towels/change clothes are an idea, should you wish to partake in all of the attractions be an idea. There are changing rooms onsite

DO NOT arrive late, it will be impossible for you to social distance if you do, at least 10 mins early is required to watch your safety brief video

DO NOT enter an incorrect email address else you will not receive vital information inc your interactive video.

DO NOT arrive without a copy of your booking or a screenshot, you could be refused entry without.

DO NOT arrive without your downloaded interactive video on a device.

Book Online

For more information please email info@gooutsideuk.com


GO Trail is for all ages. Please keep in mind that the trail is through a real forest with uneven terrain and small hills.

At least one parent is required to attend at all times.

Our motto is ‘your skin is waterproof’! We do have various shelters for grown ups to take cover but the children will be having too much fun to notice they are getting wet.

There are toilets and changing rooms on site but there are no refreshments available. You are more then welcome to bring your own food and drinks but you are required to take all rubbish home with you so we can help keep the forest clean.

Each booking requires a deposit or full payment to confirm. We are afraid refunds or referrals are unavailable after this stage.

Free parking is available. This is an unattended service. Please be courteous to other visitors as once the carpark is full this service will become unavailable.

We have an outdoor play area including a swing, slide, climbing frame, sand pit etc. This is free of charge.

You do not need any money. There are no refreshments available so you are more then welcome to bring your own food and drinks but you are required to take all rubbish home with you so we can help keep the forest clean.

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