Min Age


Max Group Size



3.5 Hours




Mission To complete Go Trails 9 high tempo missions, then once the children have completed their training, they will be ready for laser tag battle in the fortnite themed area. A maximum number of 15 children are allowed for this party.

An instructor will be present throughout, and will encourage children in a military manner.

Food and drink is available is available from shalz onsite catering. Please note this is not included in the package price.

Go Trail Birthday Party

What's Included?


At least 1 adult must be present at all times. A maximum of 5 adults can complete the trail with the children. Parents are welcomed to wait in the refreshment area next to the laser battle area, where they will meet up with their children.

Dress should be clothes not of high value, as the children will get dirty/possibly wet (Their choice on the day)

Children are advised to bring a change of clothes, should they decide to get wet. Changing rooms are available and they will be eating after this point plus laser, so they will definitely need to be dry.

Parties must start on time, failure to do this will result in some missions cut short or missed out

Parents on the trail are encouraged to join in, or even become the Sergeant Major and take charge

We can not allow food and drink onto the site. Refreshments are available during your visit. We do permit a birthday cake.

Car parking will be limited to 6 cars per party

AGE 6 + years
PRICE £300 max 15 children.

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For more information please email info@gooutsideuk.com


Go Commando +6 years
Go Royale +7 years
Go Trail All Ages
Go Jurassic All Ages
Go Princess All Ages

At least one parent is required to attend at all times. i.e. one parent per birthday party or sports group etc or one parent per individual booking.

Our motto is ‘your skin is waterproof’! We do have various shelters for grown ups to take cover but the children will be having too much fun to notice they are getting wet.

We have hot and cold refreshments available. Unless stated in your package there will be an additional charge for these. There are toilets are on site.

Each booking requires a deposit or full payment to confirm. We are afraid refunds or referrals are unavailable after this stage.

Free parking is available. This is an unattended service. Please be courteous to other visitors as once the carpark is full this service will become unavailable.

We have an outdoor play area including a swing, slide, climbing frame, sand pit etc. This is free of charge.

Refreshments including cold and hot drinks, ice creams, slushes etc are available. Please be aware that we currently do not accept card payments, so if you wish to purchase any refreshments please bring cash.

Go Commando is a private booking activity. Our Go Royale laser tag are both private bookings and games made up of individuals.

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