Min Age


Max Group Size



24 hours


£140 up to 8 children (£17.50 per additional child)


MISSION: The children must demonstrate their ability as Commandos by following orders in their mission video to build shelters and then spend the night in them.

What is a ‘harbour’? A ‘harbour’ position is a position of relative safety where Commandos will muster together to eat, complete important field craft admin and allow some much needed rest.

Go Harbour delivers all the equipment you need, direct to your door, to transform your garden into a military camp; bivvy shelters, roll mats, sleeping bags, mission videos and, if you add a fire building kit, mess tins, kindling, flint and steel, kebab sticks and marshmallows.


£140 for up to eight participants is the minimum spend for this package. You will receive all the sleeping equipment required.

Additional participants are £17.50 each. This should be purchased for any additional participants over the number of eight.

You will receive a fire starting kit plus an instruction video, and mission pack.


At least one adult must be present at all times to take responsibility for the equipment

Bivvys (shelters) will be provided and each is suitable for two people.

A detailed video and mission pack will be provided.

A full kit muster will be done on receipt of equipment, to check for losses or damages.

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A birthday party, a group camping trip, a slumber party, a school sleepover. Camping out in nature is so versatile, whether it’s in a forest or your own back garden. The stars you sleep under will all be the same.

Bivvy shelters (military shelters per 2 people)
A military grade sleeping bag for each person 
A roll mat (insulated mat to lay on)
Bivi poles, tent pegs, and para cord
A detailed video and mission pack for instruction

You will receive a flint & steel, kindling, cotton wool, and an instructional video and mission pack.

The sleeping bag provided has an advisory of seven degrees to sleep comfortably. During British Summer Time we will very rarely see the temperature drop below this.

The price shown is for 24 hours, if you would like to keep the equipment longer, this can be arranged at an extra cost.

Your equipment will be dropped off, at no further cost within five miles of L37. An additional charge of £2 per mile will be added for further distances. A maximum distance of 20 miles is applied. We will arrange to collect the equipment the following day.

As long as one adult is present to be responsible for the equipment (and obviously the children) then we would advise that you’re never too young or old for a night under the stars.

The equipment is military grade, so it is robust enough for soldiers in the field. There should be no issues for small soldiers in the garden. Small items such as the flint and steel are ones to watch. For an unreturned flint and steel, there is a replacement fee of £10.

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